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Monday, January 08, 2007

A day without Coffee

Well today started off pretty good. I got up on time, brewed my first cup of coffee and enjoyed it all the way to work. Once I got to work things seemed to be going well. Everyone was back from vacation this week so things could get back to normal. I was even pleased to see that no urgent emails had come in over the weekend.
Then just when things were looking up, I received the bad news. My coworker, Darrell, came into my office and informed me that he couldn't get the office coffee maker to work. I left my desk and went with him to the break room to investigate the coffee maker. Both of us being programmers and smarter, at least I think we are, than the coffee maker we should be able to find out what is wrong with it. After all, it is a pretty simple device. Well, we both looked at it for a few minutes. Turned it over. Checked the plug. Flipped the switch back and forth a few times. Finally came to the conclusion that it was broke.
At that point, the day went downhill. I only had a few sips of coffee left in the mug I brought from home. I had been planning to refill it from the office pot. Now I was reduced to drinking tea or soda for the rest of the day. Don't get me wrong, I like tea and soda. I just wanted, no needed coffee. I considered making an emergency trip to Walmart to purchase a new coffee maker, but decided against it because I really had way too much work to do.
At our weekly status meeting the entire company discussed the lack of a coffee maker and what we should do about this. It was finally decided that the operations director should purchase a new one. So my hope for tomorrow is that there will be a new coffee maker when I come in.


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