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Friday, April 27, 2007

Robotic Falcons to fight Pigeon menace

The city of Liverpool is beginning a campaign to fight the pigeon menace that is plaguing their city. As part of the campaign, they are purchasing 10 robotic falcons to be placed around the city to scare the pigeons away.
The flying rats, as many people are calling them, are all getting fat from eating trash rather than seeds. Their population has also gone through the roof. But rather than killing them, which would seem to be a more logical solution, the city is buying robot falcons to scare them away. I really wonder (sarcasm) how well that is going to work. The robots cost about $4,000 each. So it seems scaring pigeons isn't cheap.
What I would like to see, is a grudge match between Liverpool's robot falcons, and the Chinese cyborg pigeons. That would be fun. LOL

Via Popular Science: Robotic Falcons Take on English Pigeons and
BBC News: Robotic birds scare 'fat' pigeons

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