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Monday, May 28, 2007

Air Powered cars

A company in India is starting to mass produce the first air powered car. Rather than run on electricity, gasoline, or hydrogen, this car runs on compressed air. It will go up to 68 miles per hour, and has a range or about 125 miles on a single tank. You can refuel it anywhere you can get access to compressed air. It also has a built in air compressor that can be run by simply plugging it in. The built in air compressor takes about 4 hours to "refuel" the car. So it's something you would want to do overnight.
The cool thing about this car, is that it is completely emissions free. Whether you believe strongly in the dangers of global warming, or not, you have to agree that anything that cuts down on pollution is a good thing. Of course, the electricity that is used to produce the compressed air has to come from somewhere. So if it comes from a dirty coal burning plant, then all you have done is shift the pollution away from you.

Via EcoGeek: Air-Car Ready for Mass Production

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