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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sterilize your water while on the go

If you do a lot of traveling in third world countries, you know that the water is often not safe for outsiders to drink. It may be fine for the natives who have immune systems that are used to dealing with bacteria and viruses that are naturally occurring in there city or region. But for us westerners with our coddled and babied immune systems that have never been exposed to anything stronger than a flu, the water can be deadly. Or at least make you nice and sick. And being sick on vacation kind of ruins the whole thing.
You can do what I always did when traveling in Mexico, just drink sodas and bottled drinks. But that can get old pretty quick. You can also end up more than a little dehydrated. Enter the SteriPEN. It's a small pocket sized device that can sterilize water using UV light in less than a minute. The great thing about it is that it doesn't give you that chemical taste that most water purifiers give you. You can even get a solar charger for it, if you are traveling off the grid.

Official Site: SteriPEN Products
Via Cool Hunting: SteriPEN Adventurer

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