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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tiger attack with 12 foot leap!

The amazing video above shows a tiger leaping 12 feet into the air to attack a forest ranger who was sitting on top of an elephant. It seems that a rogue tiger had been reported in the area, and a team was sent out to deal with it. Tigers being a protected species, they were not planning to kill it.

The tiger was tracked to the field in the video, where an attempt to take it down with a tranquilizer dart was made. The ranger who fired the dart, missed. This so enraged the tiger, that it attacked.

After the attack, the video cuts off, but the rest of the story has the park ranger who was attacked and another park ranger falling off the elephant they were riding. At which point the elephant attacked the tiger in defense of the rangers on the ground. Eventually the tiger was driven off. The ranger who was attacked lost three fingers and had bad lacerations on his arm and side.

For the entire story, check out Terryorisms: Tiger Attack Video & Story

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