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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bear Mints

As many of my friends from college know, gummy bears have a special place in my college history. During the many long hours I spent in the computer lab doing projects, gummy bears were a major form of sustenance. Since we weren't allowed to have any food (including candy) or drink in the labs on campus, the gummy bears were always a sort of open secret. Many people including some of the professors, knew that candy, cookies and even sodas were being consumed in the lab, but as long as you weren't blatant about it they would look the other way. There was an exception made to the no candy rule, for breath mints. So jokingly the gummy bears were renamed "bear mints."
Now, you are probably asking, what prompted this little nostalgic walk down memory lane? Well, I found a rather interesting flickr pool devoted to gummy bears. So check it out. Gummy Bear Pool


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