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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Daylight savings time change puts kid in jail for 12 days

School officials in trying to track down a bomb threat that was called in to a hot line at 4:17 am, arrested a kid who called in to the same schools information line at 3:12 am.
It seems that the hotline's logging function was not able to handle the daylight savings time change correctly. So the bomb threat was actually logged as coming in at 3:17 am. The school officials found the students call to the information line and assumed that it was the same person. They then confiscated the kids cell phone and confirmed that he had made a call to the school that morning around the same time. The kid was arrested and spent twelve days in jail before someone noticed the difference.
I know that bomb threats are a serious issue at schools, but so is arresting someone falsely. Couldn't the school officials have made sure they had a little more evidence, and that they had their facts correct before getting this kid arrested? Even if the time in the log was correct, they still have a 5 minute difference between the cell phone call and the bomb threat call.

Via Techdirt:Early Time Change Costs Kid 12 Days In Jail and The Register: US teen jailed for school's daylight-saving cock-up

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