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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Miraculin taste test

Miraculin is an extract of the berries from the Miracle Fruit bush. It has a unique property, in that it makes sour food(especially acidic food) taste sweet. Mixing it with a lemon, causes the lemon to taste like sweet lemonade. Kind of a strange trick. Miraculin is interesting in that it itself does not taste sweet. What it does is trick your tastebuds into thinking the sour taste in a lemon or other item is sweet.

Ed Felton over at Freedom to Tinker, recently imported some miraculin and wrote an interesting post about his experiences with it. That's how I got interested in the miracle taste powder and the plant it comes from.

Check out the article for more info and pictures of Ed eating lemons and grapefruit.
Freedom to Tinker: Miracle Fruit: Tinkering with our Taste Buds

For info on the Miracle Fruit plant check out the Wikipedia article and the following article: THE OLD SWEET LIME TRICK

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