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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Billboards that watch you watching them

You might remember sci-fi movie called Minority Report, that stared Tom Cruise. I personally didn't like the movie much, but it did have a lot of cool looking tech gadgets.
One of those was electronic billboards that would tailor their ads towards you if you looked at them. Well, a group of researchers from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada have brought us one step closer to that technology by developing a camera that can track eye movement from as far away as 10 meters. The camera is called the Eyebox2.
Roel Vertegaal the lead developer says, "it is good enough to let us know whether you are looking at a display or billboard or not," Which means that advertisers can theoretically now track what billboards will actually generate the most attention.

Check the article out at NewScientist: Tracking billboards could give you the eyeball

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