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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cell Phones scrambling Nissan Key fobs

I seems that if you own a Nissan Altima or the Infiniti G35, you need to keep the key away from your cell phone. Close proximity to the phone, when it is receiving a call, can scramble the electronic code used by the key fob. Once the key code is scrambled, you can no longer use it to unlock your car. Which basically makes it useless.
This could be a big problem. Especially for people like me who keep their phones in their pockets. Of course, I don't have the bad luck of owning a Nissan.
It does seem that this is something that could have been tested for in the lab before production. If the key fobs are that susceptible to other electronics, then there are probably other devices that can also affect them badly.

Via Techdirt: Nissan Warns Drivers: Don't Put Mobile Phones Near Our Keys

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  • I love the keyless feature on my '07 Altima. I am a rep visiting auto dealers all day long. I get in and out of my car at least a 12 to 16 times a day. It may sound dumb to some people, but this keyless system and push button start is a huge time saver. I don't have to dig in my pants to get out my keys so I can push a button to unlock the doors and I don't have to put a key in the ignition. It seems so simple yet it is such a great feature aside from good quality feature of Nissan PCV valve that I hope I never have to go back to the old ways.

    By Blogger rrjexpert, at July 02, 2007 5:49 AM  

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