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Friday, August 03, 2007

UK teachers want RateMyTeacher and YouTube shutdown

Teachers are demanding that sites like RateMyTeacher and YouTube be shutdown. The Professional Association of Teachers claims that they only want to ban the sites in an effort to stop Cyberbullying of teachers. But as many people have pointed out, banning specific sites would not stop cyberbullying. Sites like RateMyTeacher have been under attack by teachers unions from the beginning. The idea that students could rate their professors in an environment that is not controlled by the school has never been welcomed by the education industry.
RateMyteacher is a great tool for students, especially those in college, who are trying to decide which professors to take. I certainly could have used it during my college days. Unfortunately, it can also be used by disgruntled students as a place to attack professors they don't like. But that doesn't diminish the usefulness of the site.

Via TecDirt: UK Teachers Union Demands YouTube And RateMyTeacher Be Shut Down

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