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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

ITunes discovers Pianists fraud

Check out this article. It looks like a concert pianist passed off recordings from other pianists as her own recordings and no one found out for years. Itunes does a bunch of calculations on CDs when it plays them to try to find a match in its database. It does that so that it can display track information, artist info and graphics to you while it plays the CD. Itunes identified the CDs from this atrist as being recorded by other Pianists. Which made a music magazine editor suspicious. He went and had them checked out. It turns out that all of her CDs are other peoples CDs.

Check the article out here

As more and more media becomes digital, this kind of thing is probably going to get more common. Just a few months ago, there were some articles about using Google's book search to find plagiarism in older well established books. So if you copied someone else's work and think you got away with it because you did it years ago and no one found out, you might be getting a wake up call. I wonder if there is any kind of statute of limitations on things like violating copyright? Probably not.


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