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Monday, April 30, 2007

Dutchman builds Noah's Ark

A contractor, Johan Huibers, just completed a replica Noah's ark from the bible. The ark is filled it with life size replicas of animals, and a theater showing the flood story. Huibers plans to turn the ark into a tourist attraction. If you are ever in Holland, in the town of Schagen, you should check it out.
Huibers ark is 150 cubits long. Which is roughly half the size of the ark described in the biblical account of Noah. The pictures on his site are pretty good. If you read dutch(I don't), you will probably have an easier time navigating it than I did. But even if you don't read dutch, you should check it out.
I've had people describe the size of the ark in the Bible before, but I guess it never really sank in how big it actually was. looking at the pictures of the one Huibers built, and knowing that his ark is only half the size of Noah's, really sinks the size of the ark in.

Check out the BBC article: Dutchman's Noah's Ark opens doors
Johan Huibers Noah's ark site: www.arkvannoach.com

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