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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Invisibility cloak available, but only in red

Engineers at Purdue University say they have completed a design for an 'optical cloaking' device that renders objects placed inside it invisible by bending light around them.
The idea behind this isn't new. Last year researchers in both the UK and the US working together theorized that it should be possible to bend certain wavelengths around an object. You can picture it as the way water in a stream flows around a pebble. Since the human eye only 'sees' things by the way light bounces off of them, the end result is that the object becomes invisible in that wavelength.
Up until now, the concept had only been proven mathematically. The engineers at Purdue have actually come up with a design that should make it a reality. For the moment their design only works with the color red, but they say that it should be possible to make it work for any color. They hope to be able to expand the design in the future to work across multiple wavelengths(colors), but with current technology they are limited to one wavelength at a time.

Check out the story at PhysOrg

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