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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Color Night Vision goggles

A company called Tenebraex has come up with a pair of night vision goggles that can create a color image rather than the traditional green monochromatic view of night vision goggles. The goggles are completely mechanical with no computer parts. So there is no heavy power pack required. The color view does require some light. A minimum of at least a quarter moon light is required for the color view. But if there isn't enough light for color images, you can easily switch them to the green view by twisting a knob.
The main application for this is probably in the medical field. Doctors have long complained that it is difficult to work using night vision goggles, due to the lack of color. But over all, this could be useful for everyone.
The price for the goggles is currently $6,000. The company that developed them hopes to start selling them to the military, though they do not currently have any contract in place.

Check out the original story here
The Tenebraex official website here

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