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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bacteria used to protect against earthquakes

When earthquakes happen sandy soil can turn into a liquid-like state that can be disastrous to buildings built over it. Suddenly the stable ground that you built your house on, is not so stable. This is especially a concern in coastal cities.
Now scientists think they can turn that sandy soil into rock, just by injecting a type of bacteria into the soil under your home. The bacteria actually causes calcium to collect around the individual sand grains. Cementing them together to form a type of sandstone. The bacteria type is a natural, rather than engineered type, and is non-toxic. It simply has never been used in this way before.
Turning sandy soil into rock is not a new idea. There are chemicals that can be injected into soil to turn it into rock. the problem with the chemicals is that they are toxic, and will poison the ground they are injected into. So they really aren't an option for your home.
The scientists say that it hasn't been tested yet outside of the lab. So there may be unforeseen problems with this method.
Check out the full article here.



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