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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jesus' Tomb

There is a big story floating around the Internet right now about Jesus' tomb. Director James Cameron has just finished a documentary in which he claims to have found Jesus' tomb and his immediate family. Furthermore, he claims that Jesus is still in the tomb along with his alleged wife, Mary Magdalene, and son Judah.
What proof does he have? Basically none.
He claims that the names on the coffins are too significant to be coincidence. The names inscribed are Jesua and Mariameme. He claims that Mariameme means Mary Magdalene and Jesua means Jesus. He further mentions DNA evidence as proving this conclusively. But if you read his own press site and all the news stories, it becomes clear that the only thing his DNA tests proved was that Jesua was related to people buried in the tomb. Which is not the same thing as proving that he was the Jesus in the Bible.
According to the chief archaeologist who excavated the site, Amos Kloner, the names listed were common at that time. Furthermore, while the name Jesua is a known alternate name for Jesus, the name Mariameme is not considered an alternate for Mary. So basically, this is nothing but a sensationalist stunt to get publicity for his film. No one who sees the evidence is going to be swayed in either direction by it.
You can read the BBC story here.
The official Discovery Channel Documentary page here.



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