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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wind powered garden lights

My house is located on a bay in sunny Florida. And the truth is, you wouldn't believe the amount of wind that comes off of that bay throughout the day and night. On a stormy day, that wind can be a stiff gale that will knock over my trash can and blow the trees all around. But even on a sunny day, you get a nice breeze coming off the bay. So this product is something I would actually be interested in buying.
An industrial design group called Demakersvan has come up with a garden light that is powered by wind. The product is called the "light wind." Basically it uses a propeller at the top to generate electricity from wind, and stores that electricity for future use. The lamp runs off of the stored electricity and produces a soothing light for you yard or garden. I would love to get a few of these and put them around my yard. With as much wind as I get, I doubt I would have any trouble charging them.

Via Core77: Light Wind by Demakersvan
Demakersvan official website: Demakersvan

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