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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Declaring Email Bankruptcy

43folders.com has an interesting piece on dealing with email overload. Many of us who work in the IT world (or for that matter are simply active online) have way too much email to deal with. Many of the emails I get are skimmed and ignored. And if I can't ignore them, then often the lower priority ones will get a quick "Yes I got your email" type of response. Mainly because it can take me anywhere from 10-20 minutes to form a real response.
The concept of email bankruptcy is to simply declare that you have lost, and do a blanket delete of the entire inbox. So far, I've never reached the point where I was so overloaded that I felt I needed to declare "email bankruptcy," but I've come close a few times.
Read the article, it's actually pretty interesting.
The strange allure (and false hope) of email bankruptcy

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