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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Crossing the Pacific in a Rowboat

Roz Savage, a 39 year old management consultant, is attempting to row across the Pacific in a souped up rowboat. Last year she rowed across the Atlantic.
This year she is attempting to cross the Pacific in a series of three steps. The first step is taking place now. Starting in California, she is going to row 2,300 miles to Hawaii. After a break to rest, she will continue the trip by rowing from Hawaii to Tuvalu, a 2,600 mile trip. From there, she will take the final step to Australia, 2,300 mile stretch. All in all, an amazing trip.
Through the whole trip she will be tracked via GPS, and will be blogging about her progress using a laptop and a satellite Internet connection.
Check out her website here: RozSavage.com
Via Neatorama: Rowing Across the Pacific Alone

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